Bubble Wrapped

Renovations will see a facade of new stonework and many interior upgrades.

The Weldon Building is getting a makeover. The Law School is undergoing extensive renovations and is being substantially updated.

The Sir James Dunn Library has seen two space modernization projects. Last year, with the help of Purdy Crawford (LLB ’55), the Purdy Crawford Information Commons was completed which provides students with open access to the reserve section, accessible counter spaces, and easy access to librarians and library staff. The library will also see a significant renovation to its fourth floor to create new student study space, alongside graduate student hub space and room for visiting faculty members.

The exterior is being substantially renovated. The south, west, and east walls of the main building will each be replaced to ensure that the building remains impervious to the elements. That work will continue through 2015 and possibly into 2016.

The interior of the building is also seeing enhancements. Over the course of this summer, the classroom spaces will be appointed with new technology to support student learning. Each of the Law School floors will see new paint and the art and artefact will be rehung and rejuvenated.

Finally, in summer 2016, we expect renovations to our first floor to make way for a more appealing entrance to the Law School. The first floor will house a new student hub space and will provide easy access for newcomers to the building’s Dean’s and Alumni Offices.

The Weldon Law Building was completed in 1967 and at the time it was considered a “five-story high rise” as described in John Willis’s A History of Dalhousie Law School. This is the second extensive renovation for the building since then. The last renovation began in 1986 after a blaze saw the fifth floor, where the library was located, destroyed by fire.



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