The Schulich Hockey Showdown

The alumni/faculty team were dominant in the Schulich Hockey Showdown on March 13 at the Halifax Forum.

In a one-sided 3-0 defeat over the heavily favoured third-year student team, the alumni/professor powerhouse took home the Schulich Cup for 2015. Hosted in the Halifax Forum, the evening was kicked off with the Law School’s very own Accapellants as they belted out the national anthem, and soon after that Dean Kim Brooks dropped the first puck before heading to the stands to cheer the teams on.
“It was a great success for the graduating class of 2015—maybe not on the scoreboard—but where it matters most, in the law school community,” said third-year student and organizer Kevin Fernandes optimistically. “It was great to see so many friends and colleagues attend the game and to take some time to celebrate the special sense of camaraderie we have as members of the Weldon family. We hope that we have helped to ignite an annual tradition.”

Alumni team captain, Professor Bill Lahey, concurred: “This was a terrific event—congratulations to the students for organizing it, and for organizing it so well. It was wonderful to see the Dean there as well as so many enthusiastic fans from the community. As to the big 3-0 win earned by the faculty and alumni—come see the cup on display in my office—thank goodness for the many recent graduates who played and carried me, Professor Shapiro and the other grizzled veterans, and thank goodness second-year student Wade Ritchie was our outstanding goaltender. Thanks also to coaches Phil Saunders, Geoff Loomer and Ron Conrod, as clearly we needed all the coaching we could get. Let’s do it again next year!”

Go teams!



Alumni/Profs Team Roster

Coaches: Professor Phil Saunders, Professor Geoff Loomer, Ron Conrod

Professor Jon Shapiro (LLB’03)

Professor Bill Lahey

Jonathan Pendrith (LLB ’11)

Craig Arsenault (LLB ’14)

Robert Arkin (LLB ’88)

Jim Rossiter (LLB ’98)

Alex Baranowski (LLB ’11)

Chris Keliher (LLB ’13)

Geoff Franklin (LLB ’12)

Doug Schipilow (LLB ’13)

Harvey Morrison (LLB ’78)

Wade Ritchie – goalie (student)



Student Team Roster

Coaches: Chris Hall, Rohan Rajpal, Rajit Mittal

John Boyle

Joe DiPonio

Matt Kuhl

Kyle Isherwood

Brendan Sheridan

Ian Whitcomb

Jamie Waddell

Andrew Clements

Scott Joly

Pat O’Neil

Kevin Fernandes

Paul Calderhead

Sam Perlemutter

Kyle Ereaux – goalie



The Schulich Hockey Showdown was sponsored by Patterson Law of Halifax. The students, staff and faculty thank them for their kind support.



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