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PHOTO Judge Michael Sherar

The Honourable Judge Michael Sherar (’77) – President, Dalhousie Law Alumni Association 2015-2016

Welcome to another edition of Hearsay, to 2016 and to the inaugural academic year of the Law School’s new Dean, Camille Cameron.

Since my last message, several hundred more students have graduated from the Schulich School of Law. These new alumni have joined the worldwide growing number of legally trained professionals. Your support in mentoring and employing them greatly elevates the value of a degree from our alma mater. As alumni, if we support each other, we are in essence promoting ourselves.

As we all recognize, the rapidly rising cost of a legal education has put more demands on our Law School and its students. Dalhousie has continued to attract academically gifted applicants from across Canada. Our graduates have found placements across the globe as practitioners, academics and advisers to corporations, governments and non-governmental organizations. One of my classmates recently received the Lieutenant Governor’s Award of Excellence in Public Administration; another became a professional snooker player.

The Weldon Tradition has encouraged alumni to participate in the communities in which they live. That donation of time and effort further enhances the reputation of the law school.

We are endeavouring to encourage groups of graduates to form local alumni organizations. One of our newest branches has been established in London, England.

The main purpose of a local branch isn’t to pick the pockets of our alumni—however, donations are always gratefully received—but rather to generate mutual support. If you’re interested in forming a branch or connecting with an existing branch, please contact Karen Kavanaugh, our Director of Alumni and Development, at

All is not rosy in the legal profession. Enrolment in many U.S. law schools is plummeting. Legal-training costs in this country are escalating (another plug for your money). The ancient and honourable profession of practicing law is being tested—so, too, is the rule of law around the world and the question of how and whether someone can receive a legal education.

The reputation of Schulich Law has so far stood the test of time, but a reputation is a fragile thing. As alumni, we want to maintain our pride in the reputation of our law school and its graduates. Whether we’re in the nation’s courtrooms, offices, legislatures or poolrooms, we’re the public face of the Schulich School of Law.

Thank you for making us proud.


Dalhousie Law Alumni Association Branches

Tejas Madhur ’13

British Columbia
Dinyar Marzban ’81

Brian Beck ’93

Christina Meredith ’14

Gail MacAulay ’79

Southern Ontario
Chris Hale ’87

Southeastern Ontario
Chantal Richard ’97

Nathalie Goyette ’89

New Brunswick
Peter T. Zed, QC ’80

Prince Edward Island
Valerie Moore ’83

Newfoundland & Labrador
Robert Hickey ’91

Cape Breton
Harvey McPhee, QC ’84

Stephanie Monteith ’93

United Kingdom
David Gossen ’03

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